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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Monday, June 28, 2004
First day of school
Well, first day of school. Lugged my heavy body and soul up to my classroom, feeling stoned. But one i stepped in, the referencing of homework struck me and I got into referencing mode. After flag raising, sat through Math half-asleep/awake. However, the next lesson woke me up. IH1 - Lit Stylistics with Mr Edmund Teo. HE ROCKS! EDMUND YOU ROCK! First thing he stepped into class, he sat on a table behind, feet on chair. We quietened down, and greeted him and sat down, facing, erm, the front. He said to do what he was doing and face him (btw he was still on e table). And he said: "On the table." We were stunned. But he is real fun! We spent the lesson sitting on the tables, feet on chairs. Literature Stylistics - a module that is skill-based. To enable us to appreciate Literature, Life, the World around us from multiple perspectives. To enable us to see things beneath the surface. He conducts his lessons very casually. In a very relaxed environment. I love it. Following his lesson was reccess and boooring physics practical... Haiz... Dun wish to talk abt dat. And then came Chinese and English. Nutters... 4 double periods today man... Haish...