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Saturday, June 26, 2004
France VS Greece.
Ah yes, first of all, THANKS RACH (for that wake up call)!!! Anyway, I woke at 2.30AM, went down to watch the match. I was sorta expecting France to play like a pack of hungry wolves. In the end, 15 mins into the first half and they were already looking like dead wolves. It was horrible. Greece, on the other hand, played wonderfully with strength, gusto and tenacity. They wanted that magical goal badly. France were still struggling to find their 'beat'. Passes were going awry, runs cut short by the stout defence of the Greeks, holes in the defence that were exploited, non-running players etc etc. Horrible horrible horrible. However, Greece played nice footie! Fluid football, great teamwork, great passing, good possession and players who are always on the move. The French looked like old folks playing against a bunch of young energetic hungry youngsters. The second half was not just as bad, France began to find their tempo. But it was not enough. Their defence SUCKED. 25 minutes before time, Greeks scored. Theo Zagorakis received a long pass, strode down the right flank, got past 1 defender, held the ball and waited to pick out Charisteas before chipping in a cross which was met by a superb header to slot the ball into the top right corner of the net. France was stunned. Barthez had no chance at all. Greek football at its best. From then on, the future looked bleak for France. Shots were going off target and they simply could not beat the committed Greeks. I think the French had only about 5 shots on goal the whole match. The Greeks troubled Barthez way much more. A high volley from Lizarazu in the closing minute of the game sealed it all. France were out. Adieu France... This was the greatest night for Greek football.