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I'm just a guy. Stuck in the oppresive society of today... Like to express my feelings in song... Very very outgoing... Sometimes abit siao... Loves ma frens and family! A HAPPY-GO-LUCKY guy!

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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Friday, June 25, 2004
Night out at AQH (Music Dreamer Live! Cafe)
Yay! Finally got some friends down to AQH (Music Dreamer Live! Cafe) Anyway, met Iffy and her friend (Joshua) at City Hall MRT after Service Learning @ Bishan Park (bleah). Den headed down to the cafe. Had dinner there (yummy!) and listened to great great music. Feels so good after studying like crazee for the past few days. It was just so damn relaxing (right Iffy? right Josh?). Great ambience la... Den Iffy was sho sho sho shweet, she wanted to buy sth for me for luck, budden no suitable shops around the area. Thus, she decided to improvise and pluck (tsk tsk) some nice lil flowers and bound them together with a elastic hair-band into a shmall bouquet... THANKS! Anyway, so we chatted and stuff, den I went up. Was not nervous due to previous exposure. It was going well at first, BUT I got too ambitious and tried for something i was unsure off. In the end could not get the note out and screwed up that small part. =S But the rest of the song was nice enuff according to audience. Ya... And den Evelyn (o0ps! Iffy) gave me a pencil she brought back from Indonesia. THANKS AGAIN! Anyway, Iffy and Josh left after I sang cos they hadta get back early. I stayed behind wif my Uncle and left with him at the end of everything... *YaWnZ* Tired liao... As Monica says it: "TOODLES!"