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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Damn... So fast and XSLC is over... Loved every bit of it! It totally rocked man!!! SLC will rock on for years and years to come! A wonderful platform for youth leaders not only from Singapore but from ALL OVER THE WORLD to come together in a conference and NETWORK and SOCIALISE! I really cannot forget XSLC. On the first day, the ice-breakers were still lukewarm. However, as we progressed through the convention days, we got to know one another more. Not only within our own councils or countries, but within the whole convention! On the last day, during the finale, everyone became everyone's brothers and sisters, everyone was everyone's friend. The feeling of that bond and friendship and love just cannot be expressed by words. It was simply overwhelmingly GREAT! The items were quite funny, although some displayed the warped disillusional mindsets of Singaporean youth on homosexuality... =P But it was a celebration of friendship, of love. even after the convention, almost all councils from all countries went out to celebrate over dinner (or rather supper). That feeling, too, was indescribable. Last Sunday, some of us even went down to Changi Airport to see off the Foreign Participants. Although we were really missing them and reluctant to see them leave, as the chinese saying goes: "There is never a feast that does not end.". And so with a happily sad / sadly happy mindset, we bid the Filipinos, Indians and Australians goodbye. Goodbye to our friends, dear friends. I really hope to see all of them again. I miss ya all man! XSLC has really been an experience of a lifetime, a memory forever.