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Thursday, July 29, 2004
45th National Inter-school Track and Field Championship FINALS
Ah yes, the Finals of the above event took place at the National Stadium yesterday.  Took e track bus down after seeking permission from Chen in e morning.  We arrived, and as usual, went to look for Greg to get face paint.  Asked e scout to help me paint Huazhong logo (THE FLAME) on my face... And after nost people arrived, THE GAME IS ON!!!

Cheering started! Damn we were rather ok lah... Not exactly very loud but loud enuff... Well, anyway, we knew that we were double champs once again.  This year St Nicks took our place at e finishing line... Heck, who cares anyways, we're still double champs! =D (ego) anyhow, the races were rather fine. Sports School doing well in C-Girls.  St Nicks only won cos they have field events. They won C-girls by only FOUR points.  I think the 2 most exciting races for us were the 1500m B-Boys where Jeffery took 2nd although he stumbled at e start (look at today's Straits Times) and 4x400 B-boys. JIN WEI rocks!!!! Record holder jiu shi record holder.  He had everything planned out.  When he got the baton for the last leg, he was lagging behind the first 2 runners by about 5 metres, he chiong and made up that 5 metres, then took it easy, following the forerunners, din even try to overtake em, until the last 100 metres where he knew they were tired, and he BURST! With 20 or so metres to go, Jin Wei was the outright leader! WE ERUPTED!  DAMN HE IS GOOD! 

It rained rather heavily too, BUT WHO GIVES A DAMN?!  We just rushed up to put our bags and CONTINUED TO CHEER IN THE RAIN!  HUAZHONG SPIRIT!  In the rain, alot of schools ran into shelter.  St Nicks, Cedar and few other girls' schools whipped out brollys and had a brolly parade, but they were silent.  SJI (being the nuts that they are) just stood in the rain and remained silent.  THE CHINESE HIGH SCHOOL were the ONLY SCHOOL which CONTINUED CHEERING DAMN LOUD IN THE DOWNPOUR... It was DAMN SHIOK!  To hear the stadium silent and only the voices of THE CHINESE HIGH SCHOOL... Those who had face paint started to 'bleed', but it was 'blood' shed for a cause. THE SPIRIT...

In the end, as usual, prize giving, double champs, cheered, school song, "Holiday" chant, Hon asking us to go home... B-boys wanted to hit 200 this year, but were 2, TWO, points short of it.  And so, I grabbed my bag, went to toilet to change tee and met Ping and her friend.  Den got a lift home from Ping's dad... Thanks again!

And Hon acknowledged all those 'elite' sports teams that won national titles this morning and let us off at 12nn today and tomorrow. Whee...

Anyway, that's all abt it and cya~~~
Monday, July 26, 2004
What's gone and Upcoming
What's Gone...

Ah yes... Sorry i haven't really been updating much, busy i guess, with many stuff coming up also... Anyways, I SCREWED MY CHINESE TEST UP... I dunno why, study for 3 nights, got the paper, and freaked out, fucking it all up in e process... Anyway, It's over... I'll just have to live with a shit mark. And so on Saturday morning, Lit Kah smsed me to tell me that the japs came over for a visit and they were having a BBQ @ Costa Sands that night... I was like WTF and went into a frenzy trying to contact people... The Raffesians were busy wif their inter-class soccer... how nice... !doh! but anyway, in the end from my batch, only me and Zi Chun went for e BBQ. Met e senior batch and long lost jap friends, met Winnie also... How coincidental, she happns to be Tanny's and Sharon's sister... Man she's changed alot... couldn't recognise her.. Hehe.. Well, met the old Mr Tan well, he's still looking radiant as ever after his retirement... Cool... My meeting with Chris got postponed to this weekend again cos he's damn busy... Haiz... Anyway, on Sunday, went to Mr Tan's place for e farewell dinner for the Japanese. Much more people went, met Mrs Wong, Ms Kong, Ms Teo, Edwin, Juliana, Aizat and people... Was quite nice... Oh, Mdm Moliah went too and dropped sth huge on us... Northland is going to showcase its alumni very soon... And Mdm's calling for a major meeting to get stuff started... Wah.. And den went home...
What's upcoming
Well, TRACK AND FIELD NATIONALS!!!!! On wednesday... This year will be a fight for the 'C' Boys... Slim lead of 40+ points from ACS(I). 'B' should be able to clinch the title easily, only thing is whether they can break 200.  Expecting non-stop cheering! Hahaha... Den Friday night should be singing at AQH ( again... And Saturday is PDay finals... Dammit, I hope my group can be judged first, cos i really need to run off for Northland's open house... It's going to be a hectic day man... Whooo...

Anyway, that's it from me tonight... I'm bushed... Nitez!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
ok, fixed my blog...
Sunday, July 18, 2004
espressione & night at AQH
Ah... Yesterday went for espressione, RGS dance and guitar night. Well, found the dances preddy normal, nothing really special... The guitar club's quite good, nice pieces played, almost lulled me to sleep, which is a good thing since i was terribly tired. After the interval came more modern dances. The main guitar piece, Kuchusha, was quite nice... Then came a nice, fresh dance, Bookbound. Following, the rock band came on... Frankly speaking, they were not all that good... Lots of room for improvement! Soul Treats was the last item and it sorta ended wif a bang la... Atfer everything, went backstage to look for the band ppl to give em tips on how they can improve and helped move some stuff... Den went down again this afternoon to help em further... And guess who taught em drummin and stuff, Joel (TCHS Senior, now in HCJC J1), Kelvin Li and ppl... Cool lor... Haha... Den Joel was there today, so we rehearsed wif the band, gave em tips and from what i hear, they've improved and were great in their second performance tonight... ROCK ON!!!
Anyway, I left NYGH audi at around 1845hrs, got to AQH ( just on time, Ivan today jus recover from flu, voice not that good... Den listened to great music and de-stressed... I also went on stage to sing Love Me by Colin Raye... Did well today, no boo-boos at least... =D
Anyway, going off to shower liao, CHAO!
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Ah, as i stepped into class this morning, saw Robert checking the results of Semi-Finals judging for Projects' Day. Peered over his shoulder and looked into the screen and saw: Service Learning at Care Corner Student Care Centre (Toa Payoh) - Qualify. I jumped. YES. For the second year in a row, Finals here I come... After 3 mths of constant service and learning at the Centre, we got into the finals... The last stretch to go!!! Hopefully we will be able to gooo all the way to the Grand Finals... Hard work pays off!

But I was very very lethargic during the day. Still recovering from 3.5hrs of non-stop HTML coding the night before Semis... Was struggling to stay awake through Bio lessons... Learning plants (urgh) now... How boring can it get? Math also... Oh wells... Assembly was rather okae... Den came physics (SLACK) and lunch...

Went to the Environmental Science LRC to check on my petridish of crystals, only very small crystals formed. Should be big enuff to harvest by tomorrow... Den can give to her... =D haha...

Kevin's lesson was next. we finally started analysing the text and my group's presentation on Chapter 2 is on FRIDAY. Meeting up wif em after lessons tomorrow...

Anyway, AMAZING RACE 5 tonight... Muz watch... den i shall sleep early... *yawnz*
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Tough times....
Today, had Projects' Day Semi-Final Judging... Was so damn tired, worked from 2000hrs till 2330hrs non-stop on the com last nite... When i stopped and looked at something else, my eyes played tricks on me: I saw lines lor! Then i decided to go to bed. When I woke today, my eyes hurt.

Haiz... Going through some financial problems now... Dun wish to talk about it. Tough times.

Anyway, judging went rather well for us. At least we didn't get screwed by the judges, unlike some other groups who have not even started Service... Before my group presented, I was reading through Fistful of Colours by Suchen Christine Lim (my current text for the Singaporean Literature module i'm taking). It's quite ok lah, I enjoy Singaporean Literature, feels easier to 'connect' with. And then we presented, and went for recess. After recess, I slept through the rest of e presentations, From 1100hrs till 1245hrs... Computer Room 7 is nice to sleep in... Haha.. The judges didn't care anyway, so long as u were not making any noise.... And so I sorta made up for lost sleep last night...

After everything, went to look for Mrs Mok and told her about our progress, den went to play bball wif Chan Keet, Marc, Jie Hong and ppl before going off to Environmental Science LRC to help Mrs Sow with the visit by Nanyang Primary... Crystals are so nice... Hehe.. really really nice... I have a dish of small crystals growing thanks to Hongyi, who was kind enuff to let me, Marc and Ding Hong have a petridish each cos he made extra solution... Hopefully can collect my crystals tomorrow... Den put into small bottle and maybe give it to her the next time i see her... =P Should be nice enuff... Hehe... ^_^

After that went for chess and went home... Haiz... Another day passes like that...
Monday, July 12, 2004
Currently terribly busy piaing webbie for projects day.... crap... haiz
Friday, July 09, 2004
Techmonix link is removed. No longer affiliated to Techmonix. SO SC**W EDWIN.
Boring Day (Yet again...)
Sigh... School's getting really boring... Bio too... SIGH... But Lit's still as interesting as ever... Another poem that Edmund introduced which i feel is really really nice:

He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
-- W.B Yeats

This poem, as u all can see, has the main theme of, yes, LOVE. It is about a humble guy, putting all his dreams and all he has at his woman's feet, telling her to be gentle with his dreams and him. Nice nice poem... =D

Anyway, during chess, I found out how GM Wu can be so incredibly boring at times. How I wished Mr. Petronic would come back. Or rather Lito than Wu... Hehe... Crapping... lalal~~~ Going back to help Chang wif his chess thingy tml... so... TTFN!

Thursday, July 08, 2004
"Off" Day
Wahh... Today was really 'off' for me... Couldn't really concentrate during class, I think it's due to my lack of sleep and I was thinking abt some personal stuff la... Oh wells, like I was sleeping through half the day can? Trying to keep myself awake... The only time i was 100% awake was during Chem i think... Last lesson of e day... But I love chem wad... Oh wells... Haha... ARGH! OH NO! still got quite a lot of work to do haish... tata
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Back to Northland
And so after a boring (sleepy) day of school, I rushed back to Northland by Taxi and met the girls. AHH SO HAPPY!!! Finally see her after so loo0o0ong... Whee~~~ Although we live so near, like never really see each other one... Yar... Mrs Jayalath had to leave early, so we discussed wif e prefects. They came out with relatively good ideas for THEIR grad nite which WE are organising. So was quite ok. Den discussed abt current prefectorial situation and Teachers' Day. I dunno about open house though, din get to talk to Mr Ng. He left early too. And so the discussion was quite ok... Jian Liang and Leck Hung came later... continue to stone in the (sucky, o0ps, NOT!) prefects' lounge and talk crap. Was told that she got into the HwaChong affiliate programme thingy, was super happy!!!!! ECSTATIC even! But sorta kept my cool... Hehe... den after stoning till 6+, I and her left... We walked back home together and talked on e way... I dunno why i wish can walk for longer... hehe... ahhh... anyway... doing ACE stuff now... TOODLESZ
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Dumb quiz
[Raffles Girls' School]:
The famous top girls school known to others as
intellectual snobs and bimbos.But really, there
ARE nice and sweet ones.
[Good points]: intelligent, outgoing(for most),
nice(for some), make a very good flaunting
object to flaunt to your friends, pretty(most),
open-minded, independent , rich.
[Bad points]: proud, mean(usually for the pretty
ones), overconfident, tomboyish, loud, and a
sore in the eye to other girls' schools.
[Dress Code]: low and tight belt on their navy blue
pinafore. Normally reach till their knees to 4
fingers above. Rolled up sleeves. White blouse.
[so i see you are interested in strong and
capable and career-minded peacocks huh? Nice

Which School Can You Most Likely Find Your Partner From? (With Detailed Descriptions)
brought to you by Quizilla
Monday, July 05, 2004
French Grand Prix + Portugal VS Greece
France Grand Prix. Yet another classy performance by Ferrari! FERRARI ALL DA WAY! I koped the following from F1 webbie:

Schumacher unstoppable in France
Michael's seventh French win a four-gone conclusion
Michael Schumacher and Ferrari delivered a tactical masterclass as they stole victory in the French Grand Prix, giving the World Champion nine victories from ten starts this season.

Schumacher had to play second fiddle to Fernando Alonso in qualifying, and then for the first 32 laps at Magny-Cours, but after that a devastatingly clever reorganisation of Ferrari’s race strategy gave the champion all he needed - and more - to decimate Renault on his way to the 79th victory of his career. Only Jim Clark has ever made winning French Grands Prix look so effortless.

Alonso, predictably, got the drop going off the line, and as Schumacher slotted in behind him Jarno Trulli, equally predictably, vaulted ahead of second row starters David Coulthard and Jenson Button. Initially Alonso opened a gap, as much as a second and a half, over Schumacher, but it was less than half that when Michael made the first refuelling stop on lap 11. This was a surprise, since most believed that if anyone was running light on fuel, it was Renault. Trulli pitted on lap 13, Alonso lap 14, and Alonso kept his lead. That was also a surprise.

Now Schumacher came back at him, slashing what was at one time a 3.9s lead to a mere nine-tenths between laps 18 and 25, aided only a little by Alonso having to lap traffic. Then Schumacher pitted again on lap 29, and once more Alonso outran him, stopping on lap 32. But this time Schumacher’s lighter load had been sufficient to give him the lead, and he never surrendered it.

During the third stints Schumacher inexorably pulled away, and everyone thought it was simply the pace at which the red car would have run had it not been stuck behind the blue one. There was nothing to dissuade one from this viewpoint when they made what appeared to be their final stops, on laps 42 and 46 (Schumacher and Alonso respectively). Ferrari and Bridgestone were simply better on the day than Renault and Michelin.

But when Schumacher swept into the pits a fourth time, on lap 58, Ferrari’s strategy was finally unveiled. A canny change to four stops had given Michael a lighter car at a crucial point, and all it needed after that was the best driver in the world to steer it home - it never breaks down, of course - and the job was done. End of story.

Renault were left feeling very surprised by it all, but there was worse to come. In the wake of the two fleet leaders, Trulli seemed to have third place locked up all the way through, able to hold Jenson Button at bay until the Briton lost out to Rubens Barrichello in the final stops (Barrichello on lap 51, Button on lap 52). Button actually got out of the pits ahead of the Ferrari, but on the run down to the Adelaide Hairpin, as Button himself was doing all he could to close up on Trulli, Barrichello used his greater momentum to slip by on the inside. Thereafter the three circulated nose to tail until Trulli seemed to fall asleep with only Turns 15 to 17 to go. Making a tiny mistake and leaving just enough room on the inside for a Ferrari, he slid wide and Barrichello pounced with only the final chicane to go. To go from 10th on the grid to third was a fabulous result, overshadowed by only the two men who finished higher.

McLaren had something to be pleased about as Coulthard pushed home for sixth after a race-long fight with team mate Kimi Raikkonen, but Williams had very long faces after the best a once-spinning Juan Pablo Montoya could summon was eighth place. Mark Webber pushed the troubled Colombian so hard that he set fourth fastest lap for Jaguar and finished ninth, ahead of an unhappy Marc Gene, Christian Klien, who drove well, and the gripless Saubers of Giancarlo Fisichella and Felipe Massa (the only man to use a two-stop strategy). Cristiano da Matta and Olivier Panis were 14th and 15th ahead of Nick Heidfeld and Giorgio Pantano (who got a drive through penalty for pit lane speeding), and Gianmaria Bruni brought up the rear for Minardi.

Zsolt Baumgartner spun off on lap 32, and Takuma Sato vacated the fight for ninth place just after his first pit stop on lap 15, when his Honda V10 ventilated itself. One of these days Formula One racing is going to match the record of the 1961 Dutch Grand Prix, in which every car finished

And so you all can see, a classy Ferrari performance by the two maestros, Schumi and Barri. Ferrari.

To the Euro now,
And so I stayed up yet again to watch the FINAL of Euro 2004. I wasn't rooting for any side. But my gut feeling told me Greece was going to do it. If they played like a pack of hungry wolves like they did against France and many other countries, Greece would win the Euro. With odds at 100/1 at the start of the Euro and 11/2 at the start of the final, Greece was the underdog all the way. I said in my previous entry that their victory against France was the greatest night in Greek football. I was wrong. THIS is THE GREATEST NIGHT and MOMENT in Greek football. Excellent teamwork and defending led them to victory yet again. Otto Rehhagel, Theo Zagorakis, Angelos Charisteas, Konstantinos Katsouranis, Giorgios Karagounis, Stelios Giannakopoulos, Georgios Seitaridis, Angelis Basinas, Antonios Nikopolidis, Traianos Dellas, Panagiotis Fyssas and many more. Not very big names in European football. But a solid team. ONE team, GREECE. Excellent defending and teamwork. I salute you. A great header my Charisteas to win in for Greece. And superb goalkeeping(equavalent to the safe hands of David Seaman last time and Oliver Kahn during the last world cup) by Nikopolidis to deny Portugal the Euro. Go Greece!
Sunday, July 04, 2004
EPGY mini outing + Humanities Night
EPGY Outing... only 7 ppl went... Me, KX, JZ, Carolyn, Fran, JiaEn and Hancai. Met JZ at PS quite early... Waiting for e rest to turn up. Fran got to PS at like 9.45am and luckily, she bought tix for Spiderman 2 at 1315hrs first. Anyway, the rest turned up and we decided to go to Yoshi for lunch when sth damn STUPID and FARNIE and EMBARASSING. And so we settled down at Yoshi. JZ was first to get his food. A meal wif Soup and Coke. And so when he was walking to e table, his coke dropped. with tray still in hand, bent down to get coke. Coke put on tray couldn't stand, toppled over, pulling tray down, soup spilled. In the midst of setting soup right, EVERYTHING DROPPED. And so, decided to RUN and go nxt door to Long JohnS. Haha... After lunch, went to watch Spidey 2. Was quite a nice movie. I wouldn't say 5 stars. more like 4.5 stars. Some stuff was preddy cryptic in the movie.... Worth watching though. Shall not give spoilers here. After the movie, went to Secret Recipies for tea and guess wad, met Chen Shao, Ainan and Zhexi and those stupid idiots were running away from girls cos they din pay for e Earthquake in Swensens... Koped my brownie but returned in the end... Haha... JiaEn left for tuition... Den we decided to go to Fran's house. Watched Mean Girls on DVD, was good lor... Budden i only watch part of it cos gtg for Humanities Night. Grabbed a Cab back to school.....

Humanities Night totally SUCKED except for 1 performance. Everything was really shallow and crappy. I think the best script should go to the Farquar(pardon my spelling) and Raffles 'quarrel'. But it was quite wordy. The non-crappy performances was 'Voices', a Kevin Cheng production. Sua Yu and Oscar and Jianyi acted lor... Quite nice lah.. I reached damn early, den stone, hoping to meet XSLC OT. A few friends came and guess wad, OT came late... Cos they came from orchard.. *doh* Anyway, the performances were stupid and SHALLOW. According to a few ppl: "Dumb." "Waste of time and money.." "SHALLOW and PAINFUL". Anyway, after interval, sat with OT. Den as usual, went to talk and stone and sing at the terraces. Was singing with Yawen for quite sometime... DAMN FUN! Xinying and Tiff were listening.. Haha.. Anyway, there was this couple 'getting it going' on the terraces... Privacy eh? =P Den talked crap... XY and Daryl left on a LOOOOOOOONG walk kae?! We waitied for em until guard lock gate... Hehe... Den took bus back to Yishun wif XY and Dar, Dar say take 171 home from Yishun. Reach Yishun 0002hrs. Last bus for 171, 2330hrs. *bang* So in e end, lend him mahnee to take cab home. Den took 804 wif XY and went home lor...
Thursday, July 01, 2004
Dunno what to put for this
Hi! Was supposed to go for Humanities Night tonight. But in the end they said dun need to go for this one if you have tickets for Saturday's performance. Phew. So In view of the work I have, I decided to go for Saturday's performance with more friends. Yupyup. Anyway, luckily for me I have completed my framework for my MRP CPK submission... Am working on Kevin Cheng's Lit Homework after i complete this entry... Which is now... TOODLEZ