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Thursday, July 29, 2004
45th National Inter-school Track and Field Championship FINALS
Ah yes, the Finals of the above event took place at the National Stadium yesterday.  Took e track bus down after seeking permission from Chen in e morning.  We arrived, and as usual, went to look for Greg to get face paint.  Asked e scout to help me paint Huazhong logo (THE FLAME) on my face... And after nost people arrived, THE GAME IS ON!!!

Cheering started! Damn we were rather ok lah... Not exactly very loud but loud enuff... Well, anyway, we knew that we were double champs once again.  This year St Nicks took our place at e finishing line... Heck, who cares anyways, we're still double champs! =D (ego) anyhow, the races were rather fine. Sports School doing well in C-Girls.  St Nicks only won cos they have field events. They won C-girls by only FOUR points.  I think the 2 most exciting races for us were the 1500m B-Boys where Jeffery took 2nd although he stumbled at e start (look at today's Straits Times) and 4x400 B-boys. JIN WEI rocks!!!! Record holder jiu shi record holder.  He had everything planned out.  When he got the baton for the last leg, he was lagging behind the first 2 runners by about 5 metres, he chiong and made up that 5 metres, then took it easy, following the forerunners, din even try to overtake em, until the last 100 metres where he knew they were tired, and he BURST! With 20 or so metres to go, Jin Wei was the outright leader! WE ERUPTED!  DAMN HE IS GOOD! 

It rained rather heavily too, BUT WHO GIVES A DAMN?!  We just rushed up to put our bags and CONTINUED TO CHEER IN THE RAIN!  HUAZHONG SPIRIT!  In the rain, alot of schools ran into shelter.  St Nicks, Cedar and few other girls' schools whipped out brollys and had a brolly parade, but they were silent.  SJI (being the nuts that they are) just stood in the rain and remained silent.  THE CHINESE HIGH SCHOOL were the ONLY SCHOOL which CONTINUED CHEERING DAMN LOUD IN THE DOWNPOUR... It was DAMN SHIOK!  To hear the stadium silent and only the voices of THE CHINESE HIGH SCHOOL... Those who had face paint started to 'bleed', but it was 'blood' shed for a cause. THE SPIRIT...

In the end, as usual, prize giving, double champs, cheered, school song, "Holiday" chant, Hon asking us to go home... B-boys wanted to hit 200 this year, but were 2, TWO, points short of it.  And so, I grabbed my bag, went to toilet to change tee and met Ping and her friend.  Den got a lift home from Ping's dad... Thanks again!

And Hon acknowledged all those 'elite' sports teams that won national titles this morning and let us off at 12nn today and tomorrow. Whee...

Anyway, that's all abt it and cya~~~