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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Dumb quiz
[Raffles Girls' School]:
The famous top girls school known to others as
intellectual snobs and bimbos.But really, there
ARE nice and sweet ones.
[Good points]: intelligent, outgoing(for most),
nice(for some), make a very good flaunting
object to flaunt to your friends, pretty(most),
open-minded, independent , rich.
[Bad points]: proud, mean(usually for the pretty
ones), overconfident, tomboyish, loud, and a
sore in the eye to other girls' schools.
[Dress Code]: low and tight belt on their navy blue
pinafore. Normally reach till their knees to 4
fingers above. Rolled up sleeves. White blouse.
[so i see you are interested in strong and
capable and career-minded peacocks huh? Nice

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