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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Sunday, July 04, 2004
EPGY mini outing + Humanities Night
EPGY Outing... only 7 ppl went... Me, KX, JZ, Carolyn, Fran, JiaEn and Hancai. Met JZ at PS quite early... Waiting for e rest to turn up. Fran got to PS at like 9.45am and luckily, she bought tix for Spiderman 2 at 1315hrs first. Anyway, the rest turned up and we decided to go to Yoshi for lunch when sth damn STUPID and FARNIE and EMBARASSING. And so we settled down at Yoshi. JZ was first to get his food. A meal wif Soup and Coke. And so when he was walking to e table, his coke dropped. with tray still in hand, bent down to get coke. Coke put on tray couldn't stand, toppled over, pulling tray down, soup spilled. In the midst of setting soup right, EVERYTHING DROPPED. And so, decided to RUN and go nxt door to Long JohnS. Haha... After lunch, went to watch Spidey 2. Was quite a nice movie. I wouldn't say 5 stars. more like 4.5 stars. Some stuff was preddy cryptic in the movie.... Worth watching though. Shall not give spoilers here. After the movie, went to Secret Recipies for tea and guess wad, met Chen Shao, Ainan and Zhexi and those stupid idiots were running away from girls cos they din pay for e Earthquake in Swensens... Koped my brownie but returned in the end... Haha... JiaEn left for tuition... Den we decided to go to Fran's house. Watched Mean Girls on DVD, was good lor... Budden i only watch part of it cos gtg for Humanities Night. Grabbed a Cab back to school.....

Humanities Night totally SUCKED except for 1 performance. Everything was really shallow and crappy. I think the best script should go to the Farquar(pardon my spelling) and Raffles 'quarrel'. But it was quite wordy. The non-crappy performances was 'Voices', a Kevin Cheng production. Sua Yu and Oscar and Jianyi acted lor... Quite nice lah.. I reached damn early, den stone, hoping to meet XSLC OT. A few friends came and guess wad, OT came late... Cos they came from orchard.. *doh* Anyway, the performances were stupid and SHALLOW. According to a few ppl: "Dumb." "Waste of time and money.." "SHALLOW and PAINFUL". Anyway, after interval, sat with OT. Den as usual, went to talk and stone and sing at the terraces. Was singing with Yawen for quite sometime... DAMN FUN! Xinying and Tiff were listening.. Haha.. Anyway, there was this couple 'getting it going' on the terraces... Privacy eh? =P Den talked crap... XY and Daryl left on a LOOOOOOOONG walk kae?! We waitied for em until guard lock gate... Hehe... Den took bus back to Yishun wif XY and Dar, Dar say take 171 home from Yishun. Reach Yishun 0002hrs. Last bus for 171, 2330hrs. *bang* So in e end, lend him mahnee to take cab home. Den took 804 wif XY and went home lor...