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Sunday, July 18, 2004
espressione & night at AQH
Ah... Yesterday went for espressione, RGS dance and guitar night. Well, found the dances preddy normal, nothing really special... The guitar club's quite good, nice pieces played, almost lulled me to sleep, which is a good thing since i was terribly tired. After the interval came more modern dances. The main guitar piece, Kuchusha, was quite nice... Then came a nice, fresh dance, Bookbound. Following, the rock band came on... Frankly speaking, they were not all that good... Lots of room for improvement! Soul Treats was the last item and it sorta ended wif a bang la... Atfer everything, went backstage to look for the band ppl to give em tips on how they can improve and helped move some stuff... Den went down again this afternoon to help em further... And guess who taught em drummin and stuff, Joel (TCHS Senior, now in HCJC J1), Kelvin Li and ppl... Cool lor... Haha... Den Joel was there today, so we rehearsed wif the band, gave em tips and from what i hear, they've improved and were great in their second performance tonight... ROCK ON!!!
Anyway, I left NYGH audi at around 1845hrs, got to AQH ( just on time, Ivan today jus recover from flu, voice not that good... Den listened to great music and de-stressed... I also went on stage to sing Love Me by Colin Raye... Did well today, no boo-boos at least... =D
Anyway, going off to shower liao, CHAO!