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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Ah, as i stepped into class this morning, saw Robert checking the results of Semi-Finals judging for Projects' Day. Peered over his shoulder and looked into the screen and saw: Service Learning at Care Corner Student Care Centre (Toa Payoh) - Qualify. I jumped. YES. For the second year in a row, Finals here I come... After 3 mths of constant service and learning at the Centre, we got into the finals... The last stretch to go!!! Hopefully we will be able to gooo all the way to the Grand Finals... Hard work pays off!

But I was very very lethargic during the day. Still recovering from 3.5hrs of non-stop HTML coding the night before Semis... Was struggling to stay awake through Bio lessons... Learning plants (urgh) now... How boring can it get? Math also... Oh wells... Assembly was rather okae... Den came physics (SLACK) and lunch...

Went to the Environmental Science LRC to check on my petridish of crystals, only very small crystals formed. Should be big enuff to harvest by tomorrow... Den can give to her... =D haha...

Kevin's lesson was next. we finally started analysing the text and my group's presentation on Chapter 2 is on FRIDAY. Meeting up wif em after lessons tomorrow...

Anyway, AMAZING RACE 5 tonight... Muz watch... den i shall sleep early... *yawnz*