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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Tough times....
Today, had Projects' Day Semi-Final Judging... Was so damn tired, worked from 2000hrs till 2330hrs non-stop on the com last nite... When i stopped and looked at something else, my eyes played tricks on me: I saw lines lor! Then i decided to go to bed. When I woke today, my eyes hurt.

Haiz... Going through some financial problems now... Dun wish to talk about it. Tough times.

Anyway, judging went rather well for us. At least we didn't get screwed by the judges, unlike some other groups who have not even started Service... Before my group presented, I was reading through Fistful of Colours by Suchen Christine Lim (my current text for the Singaporean Literature module i'm taking). It's quite ok lah, I enjoy Singaporean Literature, feels easier to 'connect' with. And then we presented, and went for recess. After recess, I slept through the rest of e presentations, From 1100hrs till 1245hrs... Computer Room 7 is nice to sleep in... Haha.. The judges didn't care anyway, so long as u were not making any noise.... And so I sorta made up for lost sleep last night...

After everything, went to look for Mrs Mok and told her about our progress, den went to play bball wif Chan Keet, Marc, Jie Hong and ppl before going off to Environmental Science LRC to help Mrs Sow with the visit by Nanyang Primary... Crystals are so nice... Hehe.. really really nice... I have a dish of small crystals growing thanks to Hongyi, who was kind enuff to let me, Marc and Ding Hong have a petridish each cos he made extra solution... Hopefully can collect my crystals tomorrow... Den put into small bottle and maybe give it to her the next time i see her... =P Should be nice enuff... Hehe... ^_^

After that went for chess and went home... Haiz... Another day passes like that...