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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Monday, July 26, 2004
What's gone and Upcoming
What's Gone...

Ah yes... Sorry i haven't really been updating much, busy i guess, with many stuff coming up also... Anyways, I SCREWED MY CHINESE TEST UP... I dunno why, study for 3 nights, got the paper, and freaked out, fucking it all up in e process... Anyway, It's over... I'll just have to live with a shit mark. And so on Saturday morning, Lit Kah smsed me to tell me that the japs came over for a visit and they were having a BBQ @ Costa Sands that night... I was like WTF and went into a frenzy trying to contact people... The Raffesians were busy wif their inter-class soccer... how nice... !doh! but anyway, in the end from my batch, only me and Zi Chun went for e BBQ. Met e senior batch and long lost jap friends, met Winnie also... How coincidental, she happns to be Tanny's and Sharon's sister... Man she's changed alot... couldn't recognise her.. Hehe.. Well, met the old Mr Tan well, he's still looking radiant as ever after his retirement... Cool... My meeting with Chris got postponed to this weekend again cos he's damn busy... Haiz... Anyway, on Sunday, went to Mr Tan's place for e farewell dinner for the Japanese. Much more people went, met Mrs Wong, Ms Kong, Ms Teo, Edwin, Juliana, Aizat and people... Was quite nice... Oh, Mdm Moliah went too and dropped sth huge on us... Northland is going to showcase its alumni very soon... And Mdm's calling for a major meeting to get stuff started... Wah.. And den went home...
What's upcoming
Well, TRACK AND FIELD NATIONALS!!!!! On wednesday... This year will be a fight for the 'C' Boys... Slim lead of 40+ points from ACS(I). 'B' should be able to clinch the title easily, only thing is whether they can break 200.  Expecting non-stop cheering! Hahaha... Den Friday night should be singing at AQH ( again... And Saturday is PDay finals... Dammit, I hope my group can be judged first, cos i really need to run off for Northland's open house... It's going to be a hectic day man... Whooo...

Anyway, that's it from me tonight... I'm bushed... Nitez!