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I'm just a guy. Stuck in the oppresive society of today... Like to express my feelings in song... Very very outgoing... Sometimes abit siao... Loves ma frens and family! A HAPPY-GO-LUCKY guy!

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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Monday, August 23, 2004
MusicDreamer Live! Cafe
Oh well, wondering when i'll have the time to go back to MusicDreamer again... After singing there in front of live audience FIVE times, preddy good i must say... Rather well received... That certainly boosted my love for music and singing... Anyway, haven't went down in ages.. wondering when i'll be able to go down again... hehe.. maybe this saturday... Oh wells... I welcome Anon to come anytime...
Sunday, August 22, 2004
We're through
Yippee!!! Not Yet is performing on tchers day, thereby proving anon terribly wrong (too bad anon). Although i slipped up during auditions, we were still able to convince the judges with our ability and we got through... Muahahahaha... Too bad, it's the truth and nth can be done abt the truth...

Anyway, was selling daffodil pins @ PS/Chinatown/Suntec today... Baseline: the rich don't donate, the middle class do... Haiz, it's really sad to see the same trend always... it's terribly worrying... Well, after selling 47 pins in total, from 9am till 5pm, i'm bushed.. tired sia... oh wells... shall end here.
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Long absence
Ah, finally bloggin again, after a loong absence due to many tests... Wow, who the heck is anonymous eh? Anyway Hi and Welcome to my blog... Yeah right, more like "Fuck you, you coward. Got problem come find me lah!" Oh wells, can't be bothered with pricks like anonymous...

Anyway, Not Yet jammed again today in preparation for teachers day concert... Performing The Reason by Hoobastank as 1 song, as for the other, haven't really decided yet.. Jamming again tomorrow to decide on song... Well, singing The Reason was rather OK at first, but after 5 times or so den couldn't hit the bloody high part... I could hit it perfectly during first three runs, but guess throat got dry... Oh wells.. Shall get Pi Pa Gao sweets... They work... Hehe...

Ahhh... tired man... shall go sleep liao...
Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Hah! Juz came back from the movie awhile ago... The Village was not bad, but the ending spoiled it... It's a rather complex movie, with the sub-plot being the main plot in the end. Shan't reveal too much here. But it was great to be with her... =D hehe... am happy! too bad we couldn't have tea together... oh wells, next time ba... there will definitely be a next time and many more next times to come... oh wells... hehe... =D
Friday, August 06, 2004
Over the moon... perhaps =P
Ok... I'm rather happy now... Well, the first thing: I FINALLY GOT HER OUT! Wheeeee.... Going to Cine to watch The Village on Tuesday, sorry guys, cant join u ppl @ Taka for lunch... =P wahhahahahaha... Secondly, Not Yet has got out FIRST SINGLE recorded, although it was a rather sucky voice recording and i din sing that stupid *^$%&%*&%^% song well (it was qing tian btw, but i dun sing that kinda songs). Well it all happened like this, we wanted to use Vinci's mp3 player to record, but it sucks, with all that static shit. So we got Goh to set up recording system with 2 condenser mics and NO MIXER for us. Den my Mic and Amp screwed up, so i virtually had to sit below the condenser mics and 'shout' into the mics to get enuff volume. BUT, shithead mic cant pick my voice up, damn farking soft and i din sing it all that well. I screwed up 2 parts, but ok lah... Perhaps we should have recorded Heal Me instead, DAMNATION! Oh wells, but anyway we've got our first single recorded... yay.. =P
Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Hi again, as u all can see, i'm tireded. Severely tireded... Still got Kevin's Lit Essay havent do leh, no choice, gotta hand it in to him on thursday first thing in the morening. Hope he doesnt get mad (sorry Kevin!). Managed to finish and hand in Edmund's essay today, happy. Not Yet is going hardcore jammin and practice man! Hopefully GohSJ will be able to get trainers for us to train as a band. Currently each of us have skills, but band dynamics is still a bit lacking. Once we can get it right, we should be fine! Coolios... Hopefully the RG rock concert proposal goes through... It'll be cool... Anyways i gtg sleep now... *YaWnz* nite nite! oh well, still miss Her leh.. =P