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I'm just a guy. Stuck in the oppresive society of today... Like to express my feelings in song... Very very outgoing... Sometimes abit siao... Loves ma frens and family! A HAPPY-GO-LUCKY guy!

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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Long absence
Ah, finally bloggin again, after a loong absence due to many tests... Wow, who the heck is anonymous eh? Anyway Hi and Welcome to my blog... Yeah right, more like "Fuck you, you coward. Got problem come find me lah!" Oh wells, can't be bothered with pricks like anonymous...

Anyway, Not Yet jammed again today in preparation for teachers day concert... Performing The Reason by Hoobastank as 1 song, as for the other, haven't really decided yet.. Jamming again tomorrow to decide on song... Well, singing The Reason was rather OK at first, but after 5 times or so den couldn't hit the bloody high part... I could hit it perfectly during first three runs, but guess throat got dry... Oh wells.. Shall get Pi Pa Gao sweets... They work... Hehe...

Ahhh... tired man... shall go sleep liao...