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I'm just a guy. Stuck in the oppresive society of today... Like to express my feelings in song... Very very outgoing... Sometimes abit siao... Loves ma frens and family! A HAPPY-GO-LUCKY guy!

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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Friday, August 06, 2004
Over the moon... perhaps =P
Ok... I'm rather happy now... Well, the first thing: I FINALLY GOT HER OUT! Wheeeee.... Going to Cine to watch The Village on Tuesday, sorry guys, cant join u ppl @ Taka for lunch... =P wahhahahahaha... Secondly, Not Yet has got out FIRST SINGLE recorded, although it was a rather sucky voice recording and i din sing that stupid *^$%&%*&%^% song well (it was qing tian btw, but i dun sing that kinda songs). Well it all happened like this, we wanted to use Vinci's mp3 player to record, but it sucks, with all that static shit. So we got Goh to set up recording system with 2 condenser mics and NO MIXER for us. Den my Mic and Amp screwed up, so i virtually had to sit below the condenser mics and 'shout' into the mics to get enuff volume. BUT, shithead mic cant pick my voice up, damn farking soft and i din sing it all that well. I screwed up 2 parts, but ok lah... Perhaps we should have recorded Heal Me instead, DAMNATION! Oh wells, but anyway we've got our first single recorded... yay.. =P