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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Wow, the program i'm using to blog now is rather cool... Didn't know there's such a program until recently... Stupid me.. Anyway the program's Hello... Rather cool.. Posted by Hello

Ok, I was bored during Math lesson and so I decided to play around with Dai Chao's ruler and took a picture... Seriously, Math is really getting into my head.. Sometimes it gets so damn saturated. Anyway, spoke to Mr Yap wif e other guys about writing to the press today. Well, I am going to do it. Maybe tomorrow...  Posted by Hello
Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Muahaha,,, The inside of a pig's heart. Photo taken during Bio practical when we were dissecting a pig's heart. Posted by Hello

Lookie me cute KAWAII Cuzzin! Posted by Hello
I don't understand. I really don't. Why do people cut/slice themselves and then rub salt into their wound or find some way to make it worse? I don't understand. Why make life more painful when it already is painful enough sometimes? It really hurts to read/hear about people you know that cut themselves. It's like you really want to help them, but some of them are not close enough friends and you really don't know how to help them... It really really does hurt. Seriously, I feel that youth nowadays should be given more space to think. Maybe introduce self-help as an enrichment topic in school. Books by Andrew Matthews, Anthony Robbins, Dave Peltzer etc. really help, if you believe in them... Well, hopefully one day these people who cut will come to realise that life is beautiful....

[Edit @ 8.55pm] Ok, firstly, thanks Helen for pointing out some stuff. Well, if this is relieving all the shit that has been cooped up inside them, it isn't exactly healthy to do so via cutting eh? Secondly, it may be a form of escapism which may bring about more problems, rather than solve them. Well, I'm sure there are more ways to relieve all the crap and stuff, that's why I suggested self help. =D Well anyway, this is just my personal point of view...
Monday, September 27, 2004
Stupid rankings
Disclaimer: Whatever is typed here is purely my personal view and in no way is it representative of my school or any other organisation. I hope anybody that reads this supports freedom of speech.

I am bloody pissed.

I have been since this morning. It came when I was reading The Straits Times and found out about the new ranking system. It is totally totally biased and CRAPPY. Although the MOE isn't wrong to rank schools according to their all round performance, it isn't exactly nice to see IP schools judged according to the AWARDS they receive and nothing else. This is really tunnel vision on the part of MOE i think.

Ok, it is fair enough that IP school be left out of the banding system and have another league of their own. However, SHOULD SCHOOLS BE JUDGED ONLY ACCORDING TO THE AWARDS THEY RECEIVE?!?! NAMELY THE SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARD AND SINGAPORE QUALITY CLASS?! Oh CMON! For now, some schools have not been appraised by MOE because it was only optional then. Now, MOE is turning the tables on us and making the SEA and SQC a yardstick for measuring how good a school is?! WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?!?!?! Appraisal will be completed in April next year, so WHY THEN IS MOE IMPLEMENTING THE NEW RANKING SYSTEM NOW?! THIS IS A BLOODY CONSPIRACY!!!

Fine let's move on. My school has implemented RADICAL CHANGES to our education to make it much much much better. A year into the IP and I have already come to appreciate it. More space to explore our interests, more space to think, more space to speak out and more space to do what we want to. With the introduction of the Major Research Paper (MRP) , we are given the opportunity to do research in the humanities that we like. For me, I've done a Literature/History paper exploring Shakespearean and Aristotelian Tragic Heroes and it has been a truely enriching experience for me, in terms of research and writing skills. Furthermore, we have our Sabbaticals, which happen once a term, lasting 1 week each. We are given the time to do other stuff not in our curriculum. Nanotechnology, Bio-chemistry, Photonics, Basic Counselling, Public speaking and self motivation, Improving sports performance, First-Aid, Translation etc. All these courses are just a fraction of our sabbaticals! Do I see this vibrancy happening in other schools (RI, RGS, ACSI)? NO!

That is why I seriously think that MOE's ranking of schools based on the awards they get is serously shortsighted. Oh wells, what's done's been done. For now, we're gonna work towards SQA, not any SQC but SQA. And WE'LL BE BACK!
Sunday, September 26, 2004
study session
Ah yes, just got home about 45mins ago from my study session wif 'Lissa @ Orchard Library... Well, as usual I was the first one there... While doing my math WS received Lissa's sms to say tt she was coming and den she told me to sms her when 'laine comes... BUT later, she came up and said that 'laine wasn't coming cos she wanted to go out wif her mum... DOH! ={ and so we started studying....

Den lissa's friend was coming wif his friend... And so they like smsed to say wad see me dun dare come in la... table too small la... pai seh feel damn big shot la... ALL TT CRAP! And so in the end they came and said HI! and after that, silence... and den got back to work until Shu Zhen came to say hi... lissa's friend and his friend ran over to occupy the other table and we both were like "phew" cos when they were with us the atmosphere was really really steely... and den lissa left to walk walk abit wif SZ and she returned...

We continued studying and her friend left wif his friend.. and guess wad we saw... this women sitting behind me rite, her jeans were like slipping down and her ASS could be seen!!! As in HALF HER ASS WAS STICKING OUT! and guess wad, we reckoned that she wasnt wearing any undies!!! like EWW, (kinky women eh? =P) damn unhygenic lor... ={ yucks...

Both of us soon got hungry and we went for lunch/dinner on the steps of Taka... had Venetzia Gelato too... quite nice la..

after that got back to work until about 6.00 and den we left for home... =D
Thursday, September 23, 2004
Wheeeee~~~ Exemption letters are finally out today!!! First of all, congrats to Lenerd for his triple Science exemption, and JimPang on his Chem/Bio/Math exemption... As for me, I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST EXEMPTION IN THREE YEARS!!! Certainly feels great u know....

I was expecting to be exempt from Chem and Bio after calculating my averages... However, fate decided to play a trick on me. It was rather inevitable that I be exempt from Chem but I guess Mrs Goh isn't exactly happy about my attitude and the quality of my assignments and practicals for Bio, that's why i didn't get exemption from Bio i guess... Oh wells, I'm a bad boy.. =P Well, on the other hand, I got exempt from another subject: ENGLISH! Boy, never would I have thought about being exempt from English but, wow! Thanks Mrs Sow and Ms Foo! Shall use the time that i would've spent studying Chem and English to catch up on Chinese and Physics instead... This two subbies i'm weaker in...

Anyway, gtg do Bio TYS now... Mrs Goh's abit siao to ask us to do so much... damn tired sia... x.x
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Long time no see
Ah yes, haven't blogged in ages man... Suddenly felt the urge to blog now... Well, for the past 2 Sundays, have been studying @ Orchard Library with 'laine and 'lissa... Quite productive la, was able to get stuff done there... Nice place to study, Woodlands Library also.. =D

Well, I seriously hope i can get exempt from Chem, if not i'll be rather sianned.. It all depends now.. Bio also.... Well, just finished 1 english situational writing, some letter to e newspaper abt the demolishing of the National Library building.

things haven't been going so good, but still ok. Life is still nice! At least not running into any serious problems... Oh well =D

Well, just went to watch Spellbound @ Cine today, a school screening. It's basically about 8 kid preparing and competing in the 72nd National Spelling Bee in 1999. It's a docu-film. It's really scary to see how those kids' lives revolve around studying words that are almost incomprehensible. Like wad on earth is a TERRENE?! or BANNS? not words we would use in everyday language eh? Well, these kids are scary. What they go through is really intimidating too. Imagine standing in front of half a thousand people and millions of others seeing you through live Tele broadcast all over the country and trying to spell a bloody word you have never heard of in your entire life! You could see the nerves on the kids' faces, some even broke down. They just could not handle the immense pressure. But they all do it because they want to, nobody forced them to. Spelling became their life. It's pretty scary...

Oh wells, going off to watch the season finale of Amazing Race now... ttfn~