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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
I don't understand. I really don't. Why do people cut/slice themselves and then rub salt into their wound or find some way to make it worse? I don't understand. Why make life more painful when it already is painful enough sometimes? It really hurts to read/hear about people you know that cut themselves. It's like you really want to help them, but some of them are not close enough friends and you really don't know how to help them... It really really does hurt. Seriously, I feel that youth nowadays should be given more space to think. Maybe introduce self-help as an enrichment topic in school. Books by Andrew Matthews, Anthony Robbins, Dave Peltzer etc. really help, if you believe in them... Well, hopefully one day these people who cut will come to realise that life is beautiful....

[Edit @ 8.55pm] Ok, firstly, thanks Helen for pointing out some stuff. Well, if this is relieving all the shit that has been cooped up inside them, it isn't exactly healthy to do so via cutting eh? Secondly, it may be a form of escapism which may bring about more problems, rather than solve them. Well, I'm sure there are more ways to relieve all the crap and stuff, that's why I suggested self help. =D Well anyway, this is just my personal point of view...