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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Wheeeee~~~ Exemption letters are finally out today!!! First of all, congrats to Lenerd for his triple Science exemption, and JimPang on his Chem/Bio/Math exemption... As for me, I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST EXEMPTION IN THREE YEARS!!! Certainly feels great u know....

I was expecting to be exempt from Chem and Bio after calculating my averages... However, fate decided to play a trick on me. It was rather inevitable that I be exempt from Chem but I guess Mrs Goh isn't exactly happy about my attitude and the quality of my assignments and practicals for Bio, that's why i didn't get exemption from Bio i guess... Oh wells, I'm a bad boy.. =P Well, on the other hand, I got exempt from another subject: ENGLISH! Boy, never would I have thought about being exempt from English but, wow! Thanks Mrs Sow and Ms Foo! Shall use the time that i would've spent studying Chem and English to catch up on Chinese and Physics instead... This two subbies i'm weaker in...

Anyway, gtg do Bio TYS now... Mrs Goh's abit siao to ask us to do so much... damn tired sia... x.x