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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Long time no see
Ah yes, haven't blogged in ages man... Suddenly felt the urge to blog now... Well, for the past 2 Sundays, have been studying @ Orchard Library with 'laine and 'lissa... Quite productive la, was able to get stuff done there... Nice place to study, Woodlands Library also.. =D

Well, I seriously hope i can get exempt from Chem, if not i'll be rather sianned.. It all depends now.. Bio also.... Well, just finished 1 english situational writing, some letter to e newspaper abt the demolishing of the National Library building.

things haven't been going so good, but still ok. Life is still nice! At least not running into any serious problems... Oh well =D

Well, just went to watch Spellbound @ Cine today, a school screening. It's basically about 8 kid preparing and competing in the 72nd National Spelling Bee in 1999. It's a docu-film. It's really scary to see how those kids' lives revolve around studying words that are almost incomprehensible. Like wad on earth is a TERRENE?! or BANNS? not words we would use in everyday language eh? Well, these kids are scary. What they go through is really intimidating too. Imagine standing in front of half a thousand people and millions of others seeing you through live Tele broadcast all over the country and trying to spell a bloody word you have never heard of in your entire life! You could see the nerves on the kids' faces, some even broke down. They just could not handle the immense pressure. But they all do it because they want to, nobody forced them to. Spelling became their life. It's pretty scary...

Oh wells, going off to watch the season finale of Amazing Race now... ttfn~