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Sunday, September 26, 2004
study session
Ah yes, just got home about 45mins ago from my study session wif 'Lissa @ Orchard Library... Well, as usual I was the first one there... While doing my math WS received Lissa's sms to say tt she was coming and den she told me to sms her when 'laine comes... BUT later, she came up and said that 'laine wasn't coming cos she wanted to go out wif her mum... DOH! ={ and so we started studying....

Den lissa's friend was coming wif his friend... And so they like smsed to say wad see me dun dare come in la... table too small la... pai seh feel damn big shot la... ALL TT CRAP! And so in the end they came and said HI! and after that, silence... and den got back to work until Shu Zhen came to say hi... lissa's friend and his friend ran over to occupy the other table and we both were like "phew" cos when they were with us the atmosphere was really really steely... and den lissa left to walk walk abit wif SZ and she returned...

We continued studying and her friend left wif his friend.. and guess wad we saw... this women sitting behind me rite, her jeans were like slipping down and her ASS could be seen!!! As in HALF HER ASS WAS STICKING OUT! and guess wad, we reckoned that she wasnt wearing any undies!!! like EWW, (kinky women eh? =P) damn unhygenic lor... ={ yucks...

Both of us soon got hungry and we went for lunch/dinner on the steps of Taka... had Venetzia Gelato too... quite nice la..

after that got back to work until about 6.00 and den we left for home... =D