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Monday, September 27, 2004
Stupid rankings
Disclaimer: Whatever is typed here is purely my personal view and in no way is it representative of my school or any other organisation. I hope anybody that reads this supports freedom of speech.

I am bloody pissed.

I have been since this morning. It came when I was reading The Straits Times and found out about the new ranking system. It is totally totally biased and CRAPPY. Although the MOE isn't wrong to rank schools according to their all round performance, it isn't exactly nice to see IP schools judged according to the AWARDS they receive and nothing else. This is really tunnel vision on the part of MOE i think.

Ok, it is fair enough that IP school be left out of the banding system and have another league of their own. However, SHOULD SCHOOLS BE JUDGED ONLY ACCORDING TO THE AWARDS THEY RECEIVE?!?! NAMELY THE SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARD AND SINGAPORE QUALITY CLASS?! Oh CMON! For now, some schools have not been appraised by MOE because it was only optional then. Now, MOE is turning the tables on us and making the SEA and SQC a yardstick for measuring how good a school is?! WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?!?!?! Appraisal will be completed in April next year, so WHY THEN IS MOE IMPLEMENTING THE NEW RANKING SYSTEM NOW?! THIS IS A BLOODY CONSPIRACY!!!

Fine let's move on. My school has implemented RADICAL CHANGES to our education to make it much much much better. A year into the IP and I have already come to appreciate it. More space to explore our interests, more space to think, more space to speak out and more space to do what we want to. With the introduction of the Major Research Paper (MRP) , we are given the opportunity to do research in the humanities that we like. For me, I've done a Literature/History paper exploring Shakespearean and Aristotelian Tragic Heroes and it has been a truely enriching experience for me, in terms of research and writing skills. Furthermore, we have our Sabbaticals, which happen once a term, lasting 1 week each. We are given the time to do other stuff not in our curriculum. Nanotechnology, Bio-chemistry, Photonics, Basic Counselling, Public speaking and self motivation, Improving sports performance, First-Aid, Translation etc. All these courses are just a fraction of our sabbaticals! Do I see this vibrancy happening in other schools (RI, RGS, ACSI)? NO!

That is why I seriously think that MOE's ranking of schools based on the awards they get is serously shortsighted. Oh wells, what's done's been done. For now, we're gonna work towards SQA, not any SQC but SQA. And WE'LL BE BACK!