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Monday, November 01, 2004
talking about service here...

I needed to find out my blood group within these 3 days. I knew the polyclinic couldn't do it that quickly. So i checked with both TTSH and SGH. First of all, I would like to thank the staff @ SGH Pathology Dept, especially Ms Amutha. Next, I feel that TTSH could use a lil more flexibility.

I called TTSH this morning to enquire whether it was possible for me to go down to their lab and take my blood test. The women on the other side of the line got rather pissed at me and her tone was bad, she then told me that no matter what, i had to be referred by a doctor before i could take my test there. I was like "HELLO it is a test for my BLOOD GROUP!" And so i didn't bother talking much, before i could say goodbye, the phone was slammed on me. FINE!

So i called SGH, the Pathology Dept. I was referred to Client Services and the people there were really really nice. The lady was really nice, although I was put on hold twice, she told me exactly what she was doing to help me and constantly checked back with me. I believed that she did all she could and eventually, she managed to help me arrive at a solution. I could go down now, take my test and receive my result on wednesday, which is just nice. Throughout the call, she was really really polite and helpful unlike the lady @ TTSH which totally put me off. This lady @ SGH even gave exact directions as to how to get there and wad to do.

I arrived and saw Ms Amutha, took my test, paid and i was off again, all these done in 30 mins. Again, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU!