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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Moving on...
A Happy New Year? Maybe not, with the earthquake and the tsunami. It's sad. I've just seen the carnage on the news, the carnage that killed thousands in so many countries. My heart is seriously weeping, it has already ached when i heard about the earthquake and tsunamis. Now, seeing the devastation on tele, I seriously feel really down. It happened so far away, yet it feels so near. It happened so near, but damaged places so far away. What is Mother Nature trying to do? Have some sort of Boxing Day fracas? Or a pre-New Year celebratory party? Why? I guess some questions have no answer to them. We have to move on I guess... Let the world be a better place...

Boxing Waves

It all came
From a quake

Off Indo.

Then set off Waves that
Hit Phuket.

The Waves boxed thousands,
On none other than Boxing Day.

Slapped thousands too,
In far off Sri

Thousands perished,
Many died.

At the hands of,

Boxing Waves

~ -{z.K}-