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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Hectic schedule
Heya... Wow, i'm back after a bloody looong hiatus from blogging. Finally found A BIT of time to type this entry. 3.5 weeks into the new school year... Everything's back to normal again - school, cca, home, work, sleep. Pretty much routine...

But finally, i've got down to doing a few things.

Firstly, training. Been going down some afternoons to run and do PT in an attempt to get fitter and slim down. I really wanna. I can and I am going to.

Second, WRITING A SONG!!!!! Thanks wen, for agreeing to co-write the song with me. Your lyrics are great too! I think we got it off pretty well eh? It's taking shape now... Still fine tuning...

Anyway, that's all i can say so far... Rest of e stuff's been preddy boring... =P oh, and thanks for listening to me PS! Really appreciate it!