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What Is Life Without Literature and Song?
Friday, February 04, 2005
Who am I?
Ah yes... Just watched part of a Thai movie... I dunno what it's entitled but it's real good. Some Thai movies like this really make us think.

Basically, it's about this transvestite (Toom) who is also a kickboxer. At first, he didn't really want to go inyo kickboxing. But was sort of forced into it, due to circumstances. He didn't dare let anyone know he is a transvestite, afraid that it would cost him his career, which he desperately needed to support his parents. When he was found out by his coach, he thought it was all over. However, the coach actually embraced the fact that he is a tranny. Thus, the boxer continued fighting as a transvestite, wearing make-up during his matches, finally making it to the nationals.

Throughout the part of the movie which i caught, i witnessed the various struggles within Toom. I could see that he was torn between being who he really is, and being a ruthless boxer in order to support his parents. Toom was desperately grappling for his identity until his coach found out and accepted that he is a tranny. From then, his identity as a tranny-kickboxer was established and he continued fighting with much success. However, Toom doesn't like injuring strangers, but he had no choice. He is still that effeminite female at heart.

Other than his identity, he also had to face rejection and betrayal. Kickboxing fans rejected him at first. this brought up a question in me: Why can't people accept and appreciate differences? The only people that accepted him at first were his coach and his coach's wife. They were his pillars of support, without which he would not have continued kickboxing for his parents. His teammates saw him as an insult to kickboxers. Thus, he was sorta alone at that time, causing him to almost leave kickboxing. However, they gradually came to accept him. In a match against his ex-teammate, Toom was terribly betrayed. That almost cost him the match until his coach exposed his opponent's lie.

The final scene i caught was when he got up in the wee hours of the morning, and started dancing in the boxing ring. Finally collapsing on the ground in tears after punching 2 punching bags. Toom is still struggling.

The internal conflict within a person is the worst pain anyone could ever go through I think. It also happens in the case of Hamlet and Macbeth, which leads to their ultimate downfall. Heartwrenching i tell u....