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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Elitist? I think so....
Ok, before i go into my post proper, i shall reflect abit on today's visit to GIC. Well, i feel that mr chang siew khang's 'chat' totally rocks! He was frank, straightforward, practical and really was able to engage and relate to us. He offered great insights about leadership in the 21st century and thought us valuable knowledge how (NOT) to right your CVs/Resumes. Also, his frankness was displayed when he openly announced to us that he has condemned a certain college (DEFINITELY NOT HCI) in Singapore because of their management style. How nice... =P Then we had a situational leadership talk after the break.. Bahh, went through situational leadership before, nth really new.

On the bus trip back, I discovered how bloody horny some people can get. And i have come to a solid conclusion that BITCHING OCCURS ANYWHERE IN ANY SITUATION WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE. DAMN FARNIE! heh... Oh, and we stumbled upon a WONDERFUL BOOK that Charlie had with him: Politically Incorrect One-Liners Men Love. OMG! It's a HILARIOUS BOOK! Lemme post some o the stuff inside. WARNING! PLEASE SKIP THE NEXT FIVE PARAGRAPHS IF YOU CANNOT ACCEPT EXPLICIT/SEXIST/POLITICALLY INCORRECT CONTENT!

What did the Blonde's right leg say to her left? Nothing. They never met.

Why do women fart after they pee? They can't shake it so they blow it dry.

What's the best thing about a blowjob? Five minutes of silence.

Why did Camelot cum a lot? Cos he played with his lance a lot.

How do you make 2kg of fat look attractive? Put a nipple on it.

Ok joke's over... On to the serious thing... This was written when i was waiting for time to pass @ Orchard Library cos i had to meet a friend later @ 1630hrs:

Ok as i'm writing this, I'm having my cuppacino @ Cafe Galilee in library@Orchard. There's this expat chinese teen sitting diagonally opposite me talking to his adult i-dont-know-who (seems like his mentor or sth). Ok now he just left. But i really cant help it, i have to write this. (Anyway i dont have anything much to do other than read)

That expat guy sounds so damn obnoxious and elitist when he speaks. Coming from an ordinary middle-class family, i simply cant stand the way he speaks. Obviously he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, or rather grew up with a solid gold potty. Apparently he does part time modelling and apparently gets $3k for "a few minutes of work". I guess he must be about 15-18 or even younger. Ok, this is fine, not that i'm expriencing a case of sour grapes but what he said next really pissed me off. i dont know if he's still schooling, but by the looks of it, he's preddy dumb.

He was being told about other jobs by his adult 'mentor', jobs like "F&B, data entry.." To my sheer amazement and utter astonishment, he didnt know what these meant! Like WTH?! What's worse, after he heard how much these jobs paid, he said "NO WAY! NO WAY i'm gonna do that for that kinda money!" And responding to data entry: "I'm not gonna sit at a bloody computer punching in numbers for $3 an hour! For that kinda money i'll shove the papers up their arse!" This was the exact thing he said that pissed me off!

This bloody rich kid really has it easy doesnt he? He obviously hasnt seen wad poverty is. And he proceeded to say: "Oh, that's what ordinary people are gettin." What does that imply? Is he insinuating that he is some sorta extraordinary human being that's "better" that "ordinary people"?! Elitism at it's most elite! Oh wells, I shall go back to me reading: National Service fiction....
Friday, May 06, 2005
back after hiatus
Yo.. I'm back, with a long entry...

Ahh… At this ghostly hour I just completed my English essay due tomorrow… I sorta felt that it was blog-worthy and so, here it is:

“all these mang ka-li… gross gross. don’t come near me!” These were the exact words that Public Service Commission (PSC) scholar Chua Cheng Zhan (CZ) wrote in his weblog (blog). Racist? Seems to be. However, as Voltaire said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Does a single racist posting on his supposedly private online journal by this young scholar, set to be the future elite of Singapore’s civil service, warrant such great disapproval and slamming by the public? Does he not have his right to express his views freely without fear of persecution? After reading excerpts from CZ’s blog, I feared that his posting might lead to increased racial tension. On the other hand, it was the response to his post that was truly terrifying. From the way in which CZ has been taken to task, I believe to a larger extent that his freedom of expression, as well as privacy, has been infringed. You may ask, “Why? And How?”

In the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression”. CZ should be allowed to express his views freely without fear of persecution. However, this is not the case. After his posting on his blog went public, people from the online community started slamming and flaming him. To add insult to injury, a lady compiled a dossier of his posting as well as the responses to it and sent it to PSC and The Straits Times, after which he was slammed by the public and warned by PSC. I do not think this is entirely justifiable for the fundamental reason that CZ posted his views on a private blog, one that was unfortunately unsuccessfully password protected. Now that his blog had been made public, he was taken to task for thought crimes. I reckon that the only crime that CZ had committed was that of carelessness. Is this not and infringement of his privacy and freedom of expression?

On the other hand, due to his carelessness, CZ did not realise that the internet is ope and free. Anyone might be able to access private information like this if security measures were inadequate as in CZ’s case. Considering this, CZ’s posting might raise tensions among races in Singapore and this threatens to undermine the social stability that we enjoy here, especially in a multi-racial society like Singapore. CZ should also have realised that as a PSC scholar, he is considered by many to be a so-called ‘high-flyer’. He is being noticed by many and therefore should watch what he says or writes.

Even so, the amount of flak that CZ received is appalling. No doubt the thoughts expressed are reprehensible, and would have been a serious concern if the person involved (CZ) is actually in a position of responsibility. However, he is not, not yet at least. The furore that erupted among the online community after his posting was scary and reminiscent of a witch hunt, with bloodthirsty hunters calling for CZ’s head. CZ was labelled as “a retard, a piece of excrement, a bastard who needs to be shamed, deserving of incarceration in an asylum”. Does he deserve this? Personally, I believe that it is useless to fight venom with venom and respond to CZ’s post in that manner. Are we concerned to shame him and ruin his future, or do we hope that he will change for the better?

To conclude, although CZ’s posting on his blog was definitely uncalled for, his freedom of expression as well as his privacy has been infringed due to the fundamental reasons that CZ’s post was meant to be private and that the amount of criticism he received over the posting was just overwhelming. CZ has been burnt at the stake, at least let this event rest in peace.